We are a small, welcoming community of people who follow Jesus daily and who gather in a building on 7th Street in East Moline. While of course we gather to worship and pray together, we also gather to learn, serve, eat, play, and share God’s love. Our tagline accurately describes who we claim to be: A small church doing BIG things

What We Believe

We believe God sent Jesus to teach and show us the way to a life that matters, to heal us from the wounds we incur and the mistakes we make along the way, and to save us from the desperation of hopelessness into a life that matters today and will last forever. We believe Jesus is the Christ, God's Son, the one who saves the world, which of course includes you, your family and friends, and the entire Quad Cities area of which our church is proud to be a part.

What We Do

Worship is our first priority. We also search for spiritual truth in small groups, serve Quad Cities residents nutritious meals, donate food and clothing, welcome young guests to a playful Halloween event, gather regularly for breakfast (and sometimes lunch and dinner!) enjoy each other's company in monthly events,and.... And did we say we worship?

What You Can Expect

A community of people who will value you because you are a child of God, who will pray for you because we know you matter to God, and who will welcome you because we all share the same spiritual road. You can expect worship that includes you, sermons that feed you, and a congregation eager to share the love of Jesus with you.