Eat well. Help vets!

Elsewhere on our website, you’ll find information about the May Day Mariachi Helmets of Hope fundraiser planned for our worship center on Tuesday, May 1. But you might not want to wait til May to help us put essential household supplies in the hands of veterans who have moved off the streets and into housing of their own. So, don’t wait!

Go out for dinner at Panera Bread on Thursday, March 29, anytime between 4:00-8:00 p.m. at either the Moline location (on 41st St, just off John Deere Road) or the Elmore Avenue location in Davenport.

When you place your order, present the applicable certificate (each location requires its own certificate) to the cashier, and Helmets of Hope will receive a percentage of your ticket.

You can download each location’s certificate by clicking HERE, to be taken to our our FILE DOWNLOADS page.

Thanks for your help!