File Downloads

Helmets of Hope: Year-End Report 2018

Read/Download a summary of our signature ministry's accomplishments during 2018. Learn more about what we do for veterans and where we believe our ministry is headed.

The 2019 Ministry Claim Form

Download, print, complete, and return this form to the church to express how you expect to support and participate in FCCEM ministries during 2019. [NOTE: This document was designed to print on legal size paper (8.5"x14"). Hence, it might not print correctly on letter size paper (8.5"x11").]

Operation Christmas Child: Hints and helps for packing your box(es)

Here's a .PDF file from Samaritan's Purse with lots of helpful tips for creating a great gift box.

The Helmets of Hope "Fast Facts" sheet

A helpful one page summary of our congregation's signature ministry: the provision of essential household supplies to veterans who have moved off the streets and into housing of their own with the help of VA housing subsidies.

Listen to a Moment of Grace and Joy

Listen to the brief audio of our welcome and prayer for Leiliana and her mom Stephanie on Sunday, August 12.

The Abundant Life League's quality of life assessment tool

Following the instructions at the top of this form, assign numerical values to each of the areas. Then date and seal the completed form in an envelope. Over the next six months, take intentional steps to improve the quality of your life, then download another copy of the form (or download multiple copies now!) and complete it, without trying to remember the scores you entered on the previous one. Then open the sealed envelope and compare the two sets of scores. Look for areas of progress, and areas to focus on over the next six months.

The Rise Up Church! campaign pledge card

Print out, complete, and submit to our church this card to express your intention to support our Rise Up, Church! campaign to underwrite improvements on the east side of our church building.

The 2018 Easter Season Ministry Donation Form

Download, print, complete, and then submit this form with your donation to our ministries in honor and/or memory of the people of your life.

The Helmets of Hope 2017 year-end report

Download a written and visual testament to the history and growth of our congregation's signature ministry, in which we provide essential household supplies to veterans who move off the streets and into housing of their own with the help of VA assistance.

The 2018 Ministry Claim Form

Use this form to report the ways you expect to support and contribute to the ministry of our church in 2018. You must print the form, then fill it out and submit it either in person or by postal mail.

The Helmets of Hope mid-year report for 2017

Read a brief history of our household supply ministry to veterans, and how God has opened doors for the ministry's growth over its first eighteen months of operation.

The "Bible in a Year" reading plan

Download the daily reading schedule that will result in your reading the entire Bible in 365 days. And the plan is NOT dated, so you can start ANY day of the year. However long it takes you - no matter how many days you miss - you will finish the Bible in 365 reading days.

The "Core and More" Bible study group New Testament exam

Take the test and see you well you know the New Testament! Because the exam has several components, you may want to consider devoting smaller amounts of time over several days in order to complete it. REMEMBER: This is designed to be a CLOSED BOOK exam! See how you do! [An answer key will be posted on this page beginning February 24.]

The "Helmets of Hope" informational flyer

Wal Clark's "Honor Flight" memory book

Click here to view a PDF version of Walt's most visual memorabilia from his recent Honor Flight.

Countdown to Profound - Day 10,560 in .PDF format

If you'd like to download a .PDF copy of the essay I posted at the end of June 6's sacred occasion, click the following link.

"And from Bill..." - April 2014

Click the link below to download the newsletter column to which I referred in the blog post on my June 6 pilgrimage to Council Bluffs, Iowa.

Operation Christmas Child: Box labels in color

If you want to print out your own color labels for your box(es), here's a .PDF file from Samaritan's Purse that will allow you to do so.

"Core and More" Old Testament Exam ANSWER SHEET

Here's the answer key to the Old Testament exam offered for fun to Core and More Bible study group members and all others who requested one. The exam itself is also available.