Helmets of Hope Scavenger Hunt 2019!

Have fun with teammates as you search the Quad Cities for items or photos that will help your team win the first-ever Helmets of Hope scavenger hunt on Saturday, April 27, beginning at 6:00 p.m.

Helmets of Hope is a ministry of First Christian Church of East Moline that provides essential household supplies to veterans who move off the streets and into housing of their own with the help of VA housing subsidies. Since December 2015, Helmets has provided nearly 16,000 items such as cleaners, rags, and laundry- and paper products to more than 400 veterans through its three partner agencies in a 36 county area in Illinois and Iowa. Your participation in this scavenger hunt will help Helmets raise the funds it uses to purchase the supplies it provides.

The hunt is simple in design and fun in results. Gather with three friends to create a team that will choose tasks to complete from a list of options handed out at the church. Not all tasks will have the same number of points, so it will be up to your team to decide which to attempt. Within two hours, your team will bring back to the church photo, video, or other evidence needed to prove completion of the tasks it chose (so make sure at least one team member has a cell phone camera!) We'll add up the points and declare the winning team.

Many of the tasks on the list will take you to common and uncommon places to do and take pictures of things that are common and uncommon. Therein lies the fun!

Entry fee is just $15 per person, per four person team. The event will also include a raffle of theme-based gift baskets, tickets for which will be available at the church.


WHAT: Helmets of Hope Scavenger Hunt
WHEN: Saturday, April 27, 6:00 p.m.
WHERE: First Christian Church of East Moline - 3501 7th St, East Moline
COST: $15 per per person; four person teams
CONTACT: Phone - 309.755.6552; Email - hoh@fccem.org