Centennial Year continues with multicultural potluck

Eat food reflective of heritages and cultures from around the world, and enjoy the company of friends and family as our Centennial year as a congregatioln rolls on in March, with our fifth annual multicuiltural potluck.

The premise is simple: A potluck meal to which you're invited to bring food reflective of one or more ethnic/national/cultural backgrounds. It doesn't have to be one of YOUR backgrounds!! For example, over the years, our pastor, Bill Coley, has prepared Norwegian and English food, to honor his mom and grandfather, respectively, but he's also made Indian food, in honor of his trip to India back in the early 1990's. WHATEVER suits your fancy, we'll love to enjoy.

This year's multicultural potluck will be special for at least two reasons: 1) It's one of our Centennial events, the monthly activities we're holding to celebrate our 100th year as a congregation; and 2) We expect to share the meal with people from the African Congregational Church, whose congregation last year spoke with us about using our building to house their worship before God opened a building in Moline for their use. The Togolese people from that congregation will bring dishes reflective of their homeland.

What a great night this will be!

Remember our potluck rule: Bring food to share if you can. But if you can't bring food, come anyway. From years of experience we have learned that God ALWAYS provides!