Our Pastor


Bill Coley

Bill Coley has served First Christian Church for more than thirty-three years.

After some college-years' career interest in law and politics, Bill experienced his call to ministry in 1982, while a graduate student in economics at the University of Iowa.

He served Drennon Christian Church in Kentucky's Henry County as part of his education at Lexington Theological Seminary before receiving a call to our church in July 1985.

Whatever its details, Bill's educational history inadequately reflects his passion for ministry and confidence in the power of God to change lives and restore hope. His long tenure in service to our church has not been the product of academic achievements, but rather the result of great chemistry and divine design.

Bill Coley is a creative and authentic pastor with a heart for preaching, teaching, and empowering people to live with joy and expectation. His sermons bring truth and encouragement to everyday life. His creative, playful connections with kids are almost legendary. The funerals he writes create intentionally personal, evocative, and loving celebrations of life. And his sense of humor is....well, let's just say we bet you haven't met a pastor with a wit like Bill's.

God called our church and Bill Coley together in 1985 into a relationship that is still loving people, creating ministry, and sharing the love of Jesus Christ. For that we praise God!