Rise Up, Church! campaign raises money for building improvements

















For the last year we've been raising money to pay for important improvements on the east side of our building. Now that we've reached the end of the year, it's time to review the results and to pray for more blessings.

Thanks to our Rise Up, Church! campaign:

  • We raised nearly $11,000 dollars (more than that if remaining pledges are completed) 
  • We replaced the outside entrance doors into our fellowship hall
  • We're ready - on September 22 - to begin work that will lead to an access ramp onto The Pointe, our refurbished knoll area, as well as a new sidewalk on the east side of our building
  • We'll add other improvements to The Pointe, including new layers of mulch and an indentification sign
  • We'll improve the fencing aronud our HVAC units
  • We'll add lighting to The Pointe and the east side of the building
  • And we'll add an identifying  banner/sign the east side of the building for the benefit of people driving onto our grounds
We praise God for everyone who made Rise Up, Church! possible. And we invite you to continue to support our efforts through additional support for the campaign. For more information, contact the church office by phone or email (see sidebar for contact info).