our regularly-scheduled events and ministries

Some things - like worship - we do weekly. Other things - let's call them what they are: ministries - we do on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. Here's a list of the events and ministries that occur regularly in our congregational life.

  • First Sunday of the month: breakfast potluck

    [NOTE: Our breakfast potlucks resumed for a few months beginning in August 2021, but changing COVID conditions prompted us to put them on hold once again. We will resume this delicious practice when conditions allow.]

    In 2011, we  decided that we liked the annual Easter Sunday breakfast so much that we should repeat the event every month. Ever since - now nearly eight years running - we've held a breakfast potluck at 8:00 a.m. on the first Sunday of the month.

    The most important thing we can tell you about our breakfast potluck is our "potluck rule": Bring food to share if you can, but if you can't or don't want to bring food, COME ANYWAY! With the benefit of years of experience, we declare without fear of correction that God ALWAYS provides.

    To this meal, people bring store-bought foods, homemade foods, fruit, casseroles, waffles, basically anything they construe as a breakfast food (even our pastor's breakfast pizza!) We invite you to join us

    Breakfast Potluck

    First Sunday of Every Month

    9:00 a.m. - Fellowship Hall (lower level)

  • second wednesday of every month: THE fccem GENERAL BOARD

    The body responsible for the mission and operation of FCCEM is our general board. This group is elected annually, meets monthly, receives reports from the church pastor, and serves as the official governing body of the church. In our church, the pastor has lots of authority, but that authority is always at the discretion and under the supervision of the general board... which reports to the ultimate human authority at FCCEM, the congregation.

    General Board

    Second Wednesday of Every Month

    6:30 p.m. - Memorial Room (upper level) or by conference call (due to COVID safety protocol)

  • Third sunday of every month: FOOD PANTRY COLLECTION SUNDAY

    [NOTE: This ministry HAS NOT YET resumed. No word is available as to when we will resume our food pantry collections. When they do resume, the following description will apply.]

    In a collection bin posted in the church lobby, on the third Sunday of the month we collect filled cans and other non-perishable food items. We contribute donated food (as well as cash) to the Churches United food pantry hosted by our 7th Street neighbors, Christ United Methodist Church.

    Hunger is real in the Quad Cities. Our monthly food collection supports efforts to fight it.

    Food Pantry Collection Sunday

    Third Sunday of the Month

    Non-Perishable food items collected in church lobby

  • second monday of even-numbered months: CHURCHES UNITED MEAL SITE

    [NOTE: In October 2021 we resumed serving at a Churches United meal site, but not the one on Illinois side of the river. The Mt Zion site remains closed; last fall we served the site at Zion Lutheran in Davenport. Sadly, on January 23, the person who had led our meal site ministry died, so at the moment our meal site ministry is on hold.]

    Our partnership with the Quad Cities' longest-standing ecumenical communion of churches, Churches United, includes two food/hunger related ministries: our food pantry collection and our preparation and service of a hot meal at the organization's free meal site hosted by Mt Zion Missionary Baptist Church in East Moline. Our team serves anywhere from 15-50 people; it's hard to predict. But our teams know they will leave the meal site feeling blessed by God's provision through our church. The church pays for the food, so if you have a heart for fighting hunger and have some Monday nights free, consider joining our team.

    Churches United Meal Site

    No set schedule as January 25, 2022

    6:00 p.m. - Zion Lutheran Church, Davenport