AmaZon smile: support fccem every time you make an amazon purchase

Amazon Smile is the online retail giant's way of supporting non-profit organizations such as First Christian Church. Whenever you make a purchase on while signed in to Amazon Smile using the link we're offering below, 0.5% of your purchase cost comes back to FCCEM. Some important notes about the program:

  • Donating to FCCEM through Amazon Smile costs you NOTHING; you pay not a penny more for your purchase. Amazon simply returns a small percentage of your purchase cost to us.
  • You make your Amazon purchases the same way as you always do, signed in to your secure Amazon account. In addition, however, you ALSO sign in to Amazon Smile using the link below, which simply assures that a portion of your purchase cost will come back to FCCEM.
  • There are thousands, perhaps tens of thousands, of non-profit organizations signed up with Amazon Smile. To make sure FCCEM receives the donation from your Amazon purchases, first click the link below, which will guarantee that our church is the recipient of your Amazon Smile donation. Alternatively, you can paste this link into a browser window:
  • If you have questions, contact Amazon customer support (or us, for that matter; we're Amazon Smile customers, too!)

Thanks for considering supporting our church through Amazon Smile! If you're ready to shop Amazon using Amazon Smile with your own Amazon account, click the large graphic box below.