how we're changing to confront the virus outbreak


In compliance with the Illinois governor’s stay-at-home order issued March 20, 2020, we closed our facilities and shut down our in-person worship until further notice. When the state issued new guidance regarding reopening, we decided to resume in-person worship as of Sunday, July 12, while maintaining a phone-in option for people who'd rather listen live to the worship by phone. For details about that worship, CLICK HERE.


  • We postponed indefinitely the Faith Planter classes that had been scheduled to occur in advance of Easter Sunday, as well as the baptismal service we had planned for Easter Sunday itself. We will announce new dates when they become available.
  • We postponed indefinitely the two Helmets of Hope fundraisers we had planned for the month of May: “May Day Mariachi” (May 1) and the second Helmets quarter auction (May 15).
  • Churches United has suspended operations at all of its meal sites, including the one hosted by Mt Zion Baptist Church in East Moline, for which we prepare and serve the meal on the second Monday of even-numbered months. It’s therefore unclear when our teams will next serve.
  • We check the church's office's voice mail regularly, or you may contact us through email at


Providing for the financial health of our church is a difficult but critical element of our fight against the effects of COVID-19. While several of our households send financial support via personal checks mailed to the church, or with help from their financial institutions, which send checks to the church on prescribed days of the month, many other of our households provide tithes and offerings in the tray that passes during Sunday worship. Given the lengthy suspension of our worship, and for the well-being of our church’s finances and our ability to meet fixed costs such as utilities and payroll, we pray that all of our giving households will maintain their faithful support of our ministries. Whether you give weekly, monthly, or at some other frequency, we offer three methods of giving: 

  • BY MAIL: Send personal checks (no cash, please) to the church (3501 7th St, East Moline, IL 61244)
  • THROUGH YOUR FINANCIAL INSTITUTION: Establish a scheduled gift through your financial institution, which will send your gifts to the church in the amounts and at the frequency of your choice
  • THROUGH OUR WEBSITE (CLICK HERE): Use our 100% safe and secure online donation option to create a schedule for your gifts to the church in the amounts of your choice. 

The mission and ministries of FCCEM appreciate and very much depend on your faithful financial support, perhaps now more than ever. Thank you in advance for your help during these trying times.


We proclaim it every Sunday. It’s crucial that we remember and repeat it today: Our God will never, ever, EVER let us