After a nearly four month shutdown of our in-person worship, Sunday groups, and other ministries, we resumed in-person worship on July 12, 2020. During the shutdown we created AN 18-PART VIDEO SERIES that offered encouragement three times a week, posted AN ONLINE FORUM for people to connect with each other on issues both local and global, and hosted a weekly phone-in worship experience on Sunday mornings. When the state of Illinois' battle with COVID-19 produced amended guidelines, recommendations, and requirements related to the pandemic, we decided to return to our building on Sunday mornings. Here's everything you need to know about the changes we've made to adapt to our COVID world:

  • We clean/disinfect surfaces in the building all accessed surfaces every Sunday, immediately after worship
  • We installed a touchless hand sanitizing station on each level of our building, and automated hand soap and paper towels dispensers in all restrooms and two other locations.
  • We ask everyone who enters the building for Sunday morning activities, including those who have been fully vaccinated, to wear a mask, unless medical conditions advise against that practice. We provide a disposable mask to anyone who does not have one when they enter.
  • When Bill Coley speaks during worship, he does not wear a mask but stands at a greater distance than usual from people (approximately 15 feet from the nearest possible seating location). At all other times while people are in the building on Sunday mornings, Bill wears a mask. 
  • We practice social distancing - a minimum of six feet of separation between people not of the same household - while on the church grounds for church functions, including worship. 
  • For the foreseeable future, we will hold our in-person worship in our fellowship hall, on our building's lower level. The most convenient way to access the hall is through the door on the north side of the building, that is the first available access point as you drive onto our grounds from 7th St. We recommend that you park in the parking lot adjacent to that entrance.
  • To implement social distancing during worship, we have placed the fellowship hall's round tables approximately 6' apart. We encourage you to sit with people of your own family/household unit and to otherwise maintain distance, while wearing your mask.
  • We do not include live singing in worship.
  • We use pre-packaged communion elements - each package containing, separately sealed, a wafer and some juice. Before you take your seat for worship, we invite you to take a communion package for your use. We welcome ALL persons, of ALL ages - whether first-time guest or long-time member - to take communion with us because the communion elements report God's love for ALL of us poured out in Jesus.
  • We do not permit access to our drinking fountains. We welcome people to bring bottled water, if they desire. 
  • To reduce the amount of cleaning we have to do after each worship, we ask people to clean up after themselves at their tables.
  • At the moment, one of our two 9:00 a.m. Sunday groups - the one that explores the question, "Was Jesus God?" - meets every Sunday, with appropriate protective steps, including the wearing of masks and sitting socially distanced
  • We provide a phone-in option for people who prefer to listen live to the worship worship by phone. Scroll down for more information.
  • We do not allow use of our facilities by outside groups, at least until further notice.

Can't make it to our in-person worship? call in to our conference call system!

Though we're excited to be able to hold an in-person worship experience every Sunday, we respect that some people are not yet ready to resume in-person worship. SO, we offer the next best thing: Join us by phone! 


STEP 1: Call (309) 306-0038 (which is NOT a local call in the Quad Cities, so use the area code; landline users will need to add a "1") 

STEP 2: During or after the recorded request for an access code, enter 964600

STEP 3: During or after the recorded greeting from FCCEM, press the * key on your phone.

That's it! Once you press the * key, you'll be on the call. Some notes about what happens then:

  • If you're the first person to call in, you'll hear background music until someone else calls in. Once a second person connects to the call, the music will end and you'll be free to speak with anyone else on the line. [On conference calls, it's really important that only one person speaks at a time; otherwise, people talk over each other, and no one is understood.]
  • We set aside the period of 10:15-10:30 a.m. for "lobby time," casual conversation among those who have called in. Then in the moments before worship begins, those who have called in share prayer requests with each other and with Bill Coley, who then shares them with the in-person worshipers. Finally, as worship begins we mute ALL callers' phones so that the only sound any caller hears comes from the worship service through Bill Coley's phone, The audio quality of the service is quite good.
  • Since we mute all phone lines other than the one that broadcasts the worship, no sound from your location will be heard by any other caller during worship. Hence, we welcome you to place the call on speakerphone if you find that a more convenient way to listen.
  • We record each week's worship service, but ONLY for the purpose of harvesting sermon audio that we post on our website. All other audio from each week's recording is deleted.
  • We'd love for you to take communion with us when you call in. If you'd like to do so, please have whatever you want to use as your "bread and cup" within your reach so you can take them when invited to do so during the worship. It doesn't matter what you use for each element, but it does matter that you have them within your reach.

Now that you know how to worship with us by phone, we hope you'll join us this coming Sunday! 

[And by the way, you'll use this very same process should you ever call in to participate by phone in a meeting or other FCCEM function.]