For WAY too long a time, those who call our conference call service to participate in Sunday worship via their phones have faced seemingly insurmountable odds due to poor, choppy, indecipherable audio. The result has been that none of our phone-in worshipers has experienced predictably good sound. After months of trial-and-error testing, we BELIEVE we have finally discovered the root cause of those audio issues. More importantly, we also believe we have implemented a lasting fix to the problem.

In short, there's a cable component of a wireless microphone set-up that Bill Coley plugs into his phone to connect phone-in worshipers to the audio of each service. We have discovered that that cable must be plugged into his phone when the phone is not active (when the screen's dark). Apparently NOTHING ELSE matters in the connection process, but connecting that cable when the phone's not active most certainly is.

If you've recently connected to our worship, only to experience horrible audio quality, we apologize for your inconvenience and thank you for trying! We also invite you to try again Sunday. We're confident that you will have a MUCH better experience.