For WAY too long a time, those who call our conference call service to participate in Sunday worship via their phones faced seemingly insurmountable odds due to poor, choppy, and/or indecipherable audio. The result was that none of our phone-in worshipers experienced predictably good sound. After months of trial-and-error testing, we BELIEVE we have finally discovered the root cause of those audio issues, resolved them, encountered a new issue, and now have resolved it too. More importantly, we also believe we have implemented lasting fixes to both problems.

The solution to the first sound issue was a different kind of connection for our pastor, Bill Coley, to wear during the service. Until recently, he'd used a wireless microphone with his cell phone that operated on the same frequency as the old cordless phones. At least in our fellowship hall, that microphone didn't produce predictably good audio - in fact, it failed regularly! Now he uses a Bluetooth headset, which is a wireless connection of a different technology and frequency. All the better, the Bluetooth mic works great, and every time... save the third time we used it, on July 24!

It failed that third time NOT because it won't work in that room, but because the headset loses its connection to a call if the user switches, even briefly, to speakerphone. Bill did so on the 24th *thinking* that the phone would return to the wireless connection when he turned the speakerphone off. It didn't, and those who called in to worship by phone that morning heard nothing for the hour. (Sorry!!) We now know that he must manually re-establish the wireless connection anytime he uses speakerphone mode. Fortunately, the five second process of doing so consists of two simple taps on the phone, so the connection is restored quickly, and our phone-in worshipers hear quality audio.

It's taken awhile, but we believe we've resolved our audio issues once and for all. Praise God!