Making a difference while at church!

At FCCEM, we serve lots of people outside our congregation - veterans, neighbors, people who seek food support - but we also serve on Sunday mornings. Whether as part of our welcome team, as the person who sets up the communion elements for the morning, or the one who operates our multimedia board, they're all servants, all following Jesus' lead.

Here's a brief summary of the ways people serve on Sundays at FCCEM:

  • welcome team

    Each Sunday a member of this team stands in the lobby, printed Sunday flyers in hand, ready to welcome people as they enter the building. This simple but essential ministry communicates our first response to guests and long-time attenders alike.

  • coffee and other refreshments

    From 10:00 a.m. to 10:25 a.m. lots of conversations take place in the church lobby, aided by the coffee and goodies provided by one of our adult Sunday groups. Members of the group rotate responsibility each week. We're confident that the group would welcome new faces, not only to their refreshment ministry, but to their Sunday group meetings at 9:00 a.m.!

  • COmmunion preparation

    We celebrate the Lord's Supper during every worship, so every Sunday a volunteer purchases and prepares for worship use the bread from which we take for one portion of the communion service, and sets up the trays of small plastic cups filled with grape juice we use for the second half of the communion experience. Then after worship, the same person collects empty cups from the pews and cleans up any other remnants of the day's communion service. This 10-15 minute ministry is crucial to the flow and faithfulness of our praise.

    [By the way: Should you pay us a visit, it might help you to know that during communion, we take the two elements separately. The bread tray is passed, each of us taking and holding a piece from the loaf. After the server returns to the table, we take the bread together once the person presiding at the table reminds us of Jesus' instruction that we do so in remembrance of him. We then take the cup in the same way. ALL persons are invited to share communion with us.]

  • childcare

    We want parents and guardians of young children to feel connected and comfortable during worship, so we provide supervised care on our lower level for children in kindergarten and younger. Each week, a volunteer is prepared to welcome those who want to have a fun and enjoyable experience while the older folks remain in worship. 

    [NOTE: It's undoubtedly obvious, but we'll say it anyway: Young children are ALWAYS welcome to stay in worship with the other family members or friends. Our childcare ministry is an option, not an obligation.]

  • multimedia operator

    We sing contemporary praise music during our worship. Financial limitations don't allow us to have a live band, so we employ the next best approach: pre-recorded accompaniment tracks. Using high quality worship software, we project song lyrics, announcements, and other images onto a front wall-mounted screen. Our multimedia operator sets up microphones and runs the software. It's all a blessing.

  • the communion part of worship

    One person prays separately for the cup and the loaf, then reminds us to take each, in turn, to remember Jesus. Another person receives the bread and cup trays from the one who prays, and in turn, passes them among the worshipers. This is leadership and service at a moment in our worship when we need it the most.

  • lifesounds

    "LifeSounds" is our name for the prayer request time of our worship. People submit requests or causes for celebration on special forms that are available in the pews. LifeSounds presenters share whatever information those making the requests give their permission to share.

    LifeSounds is one of the under-appreciated aspects of our worship. Followers of Jesus praying for and with each other - that's a good thing.