Thanks for finding our website, where we hope to offer you a sense of what we do, but as important, who we are. Churches are more than programs or ministries. They are communities of people who share a faith and share life together in ways that bless each other, their communities, regions, nations, and world.

Some churches are large in size, both in physical plant and population. Other churches - FCCEM for example - are small in size. God has called our congregation together to witness to Jesus as our Lord in ways that belie that small size. We claim to do BIG things, not because of the size of our numbers, but rather the size of our God. We pray our website will tell you more about our claim.

A few highlights before you move to other info in these pages:
  • We worship in a casual setting, sing contemporary Christian music, and consume sermons that are thoughtful and relevant for the chaotic times in which we live.
  • People who can't worship with us in-person are welcome to join us by phone, via a call to our conference call service, through which we broadcast the live audio of every worship and occasional other events.
  • We serve veterans through a ministry we call "Helmets of Hope." It's our signature work, the thing we do that sets us apart from any other church in the Quad Cities. It doesn't make us better! But it makes us who we are.
  • We offer a Sunday morning Bible study group that's led by our gifted ... and irrepressibly funny ... pastor/teacher, Bill Coley. It's a group that's as intense in its pursuit of truth as it is casual and connected as a collection of Bible students.
  • There's a lot more to our church, but you'll discover that for yourself as your browse this site. If after doing so you have questions or want more information, send us a note via our CONTACT US page or an email sent to office@fccem.org
  • But in all candor, the absolute best way to get to know us to share a Sunday morning with. We promise that you will experience a genuine welcome among our people.

Thanks again for visiting FCCEM.org!