WELCOME TO New Beginnings:

                                             A SMALL CHURCH DOING bIG THINGS!

[Thanks for visiting our website, where we hope to offer you a sense of what we do, but as important, who we are. Churches are more than programs or ministries. They are communities of people who share a faith and share life together in ways that bless each other, their communities, regions, nations, and world.] 

BUT FIRST! . . .
Q: What happened to "First Christian Church of East Moline" (FCCEM)?

We sold our East Moline grounds and facilities in late November 2023, and relocated to a building on 16th St in Moline. Prior to our move, we decided to change our name to "New Beginnings Christian Church," but the process of formally changing that name has been more complicated than we expected. As a result, legally - for purposes of donations offered in support of our ministries, for example - we remain FCCEM, but informally we call ourselves "New Beginnings." We have decided that until we complete the legal processes, we will use both names on our website, offering more prominent display to "New Beginnings." BOTTOM LINE:  If you want to support us financially, use "FCCEM." If you want to find us on 16th St in Moline, look for the "New Beginnings" banner in our front yard.

AND NOW . . .
A brief introduction to our church:
  • We worship in a casual setting, sit around tables, sing contemporary Christian music, take communion to conclude every worship, and consume sermons that are thoughtful, relevant, biblical, and hopeful.
  • We worship both in-person - in the room and around those tables - and by phone - via our conference call service, which allows people to listen to the entire worship from home, the road, or wherever they are. AND BEGINNING SOON we will offer our worship via Facebook live!
  • We serve veterans through a ministry we call "Helmets of Hope." It's our signature work, the thing we do that sets us apart from any other church in the Quad Cities. Helmets doesn't make us better! But it does help make us who we are.
  • We offer challenging, captivating, and entertaining Sunday morning (9:00 a.m.) and Thursday evening (6:30 p.m.) Bible study groups that are led by our gifted . . . and irrepressibly funny . . . pastor/teacher, Bill Coley. The Sunday group's current focus is the afterlife: What happens to us when we die? Who goes where . . . and why? (The Bible's responses to those questions may not be what you think!) The Thursday night group is reviewing a collection of some of the most difficult passages in the Bible, texts that are hard to accept given other Bible passages, or what else we know about God. It's a Bible study like none other!
  • From the pages of this website you'll discover more about our church. If you have questions or comments about what you find here - if you want more information about ANYTHING! - send us a note via our CONTACT US page or an email sent to office@fccem.org
  • The absolute best way to get to know us to pay us a Sunday morning visit. We promise you a welcome from people genuinely grateful for your company.