A New Sermon series: Debut focus - the Gospel of matthew

Over the last 35+ years, Bill Coley has preached approximately 1,700 Sunday morning sermons in his role as FCCEM pastor, sermons of various forms and in various collections - since 2006, for example, more than 85 sermon series. Despite all that variety, his newest series, which begins January 10, will be a first: A multi-week, interactive Bible study series on the Gospel of Matthew.

In the Christmas season just ended, we celebrated Jesus' birth. In the first edition of Bill's new "BYOB" sermon series, he'll explore at some depth the major stories, incidents, and teachings of Jesus' earthly ministry as presented in the Gospel of Matthew, and then close the series with a celebration of the resurrection AND a challenge to new levels of faith and trust in the one we call Lord.

The interactive dimension of this series will come as Bill invites listeners to follow along in their own Bible as he points out specific verses and passages. If you worship with us in-person, bring your own Bible with you (or use one of the church's; we'll even tell you what pages to turn to!) If you worship with us by phone, we encourage you to have your own Bible within reach to follow-along as the series moves through the Gospel (since we mute all listeners' phone lines during worship, feel free to put the call on speakerphone so as to free your hands to use your Bible). What translation should you use? Whatever you have on hand! Bill reads from the New Living Translation, which is a very good resource, but we applaud every Bible translation, including the one(s) you prefer. Simply have yours available and follow along with us as we explore Jesus' life and ministry.

The first edition of BYOB begins THIS Sunday, January 10, during our 10:30 a.m. Sunday worship. Join us in-person or by phone (for the three simple steps to take in order to worship by phone, CLICK HERE)