Listen to an informative and inspiring summary of the ministry of Christian Care, the Rock Island-based ministry to homeless men (and soon women). Rob Tevis from the Christian Care staff made the presentation during our Sunday worship on October 3. We invite you to listen to the presentation's audio AND simultaneously scroll through the images Pastor Tevis used during his presentation using the gallery box below the audio. Instructions are in the audio box below.


To get the full effect, click the play button on the box just below this description to launch the audio, then scroll down to the gallery of images immediately below that window, which is pre-loaded with the presentation's first slide. When in the audio you hear Pastor Tevis ask for the "next slide" use the arrow on the right side of the current image to advance to the next one. If you go too far, use the arrow on the left side of the image to return to the previous slide.


into the mountains: images from bill coley's trip to the rockies

In August 2019, our pastor Bill Coley accompanied two fellow pastors - a friend of many decades and one of that friend's daughters - to Colorado for eight days of exploration and, for Bill, photography. These are the images Bill has selected from among the 2,900 he captured to represent the visuals of his journey. Enjoy! (NOTE: The Milky Way photos in this collection were shot on the first night of the group's trip, at a camp site outside a town called Buena Vista, Colorado.)

Red, White, & Boom 2019

Our pastor is a photography enthusiast, meaning that colorful displays such as Independence Day fireworks draw his attention annually. Below is this year's selection of images.

Persistent flooding necessitated the move of this year's display up the Mississippi River a bit. Sadly for the images Bill captured from a new location, they moved the display farther up river than he expected, which resulted in a restricted line of sight from his new location, and his missing what he's sure would have been lots of great lower altitude shots. But these images cast a new vision on the fireworks, and we hope, will prove worth your time.