In October 2019 we celebrated the centennial anniversary of the founding of FCCEM. During the year prior to the anniversary, we created a series of monthly events whose purpose was to unite and invite: to unite our people as grateful participants in the FCCEM family, and to invite the community to join us in our praise to God for the work and witness of our congregation across a century. Now we're uniting and inviting again, this time as we search for a new home base for our ministries.

After 57 years in our current location, and in response to increasingly burdensome financial challenges, we have decided to sell our grounds and facilities, and move to a new location. As of the first week of June 2023, one interested group has made two visits to evaluate the value of the property for their particular needs, but no official actions have been taken; at this time neither have we taken any specific actions to find our next location. By faith we're trusting God to direct our steps to the "promised land" set aside for us.

While we wait for the right buyer and the discovery of our new home, we want you to know the following:

  1. We're relocating, NOT leaving! We have no intentions to close our church or end our ministries.
  2. Helmets of Hope lives! We recently made the 145th delivery in the seven-plus year history of our essential household supply ministry to veterans, a delivery that raised to more than 27,000 the total number of items we have provided to veterans who face various forms of housing disruption or crisis. And within the last week or so we placed a large supply order to restock our inventory so as to satisfy future requests from our partner agencies. Helmets of Hope is our signature ministry and will travel with us wherever go.
  3. Until we move, we're still at 3501 7th St in East Moline! Our Sunday schedule remains unchanged. We recently added a new evening Bible study. We'll serve the Churches United meal site later this month. We're still here and would love to welcome you for a Sunday morning visit!