In the midst of a pandemic, our annual crop hunger walk takes a new form

For nearly 30 years, FCCEM has participated in the annual Quad Cities CROP Hunger Walk, a fundraiser 75% of whose proceeds fight hunger around the world, while the other 25% supports anti-hunger efforts here in our community. Every year before this one, our walkers joined with hundreds of others on the first Sunday in October to complete a two, four, or six mile course in support of Church World Servce, the organizer of CROP Hunger Walks across the country. This year, however, the COVID-19 pandemic compels us  to change course... so to speak. 

This year's QC CROP Hunger Walk will consist of many smaller walks as on both sides of the river individuals, families, and other small groups create their own walks - both as to distance and route. At FCCEM, we're inviting you to financially support this year's Walk and our walkers, and/or to create a walk of your own - whether by yourself or with people of your choosing (be sure to stay safe if you walk in a group!) - and then, if you're willing, to document your experience with videos and/or selfies or other photos that we'll include in the "official" video of this year's FCCEM CROP Hunger Walk.

If you want to support this year's CROP Hunger Walk and our team of walkers financially, send your donation to our church, drop it in a Sunday morning offering tray, or click the button below to visit our safe and secure online donation service. 

The donation service is straightforward to use, but here are some helper notes:

  1. At the bottom of the box, click either "Credit/Debit" or "Bank Account," depending on how you wish to pay your donation.
  2. Fill in the boxes with the requested information (did we mention that online donations to FCCEM are safe and secure?) 
  3. A few boxes merit additional attention: 
  • Top line - "Give to:" - Click the triangle on the right side of the box, then from the drop-down menu choose "CROP Hunger Walk" as the target of your donation. 
  • Line 7 - "Cover fees?" - For's services, we pay a small fee for each online donation we receive. If you click this box, tithe,ly will add a small amount to your donation so that the amount we receive is the full amount you intend to donate to the CROP Hunger Walk. You are NOT required to check this box, but we will praise God for the blessing if you do.
  • Line 7 - "Setup automated giving?" - Since your CROP Hunger Walk donation will be a one-time gift, make sure this item remains turned off.
  • Line 8 - "Remember me" - Click this option if you want to store your information so that you won't have to fill out all the boxes if you use the donations page to make future donations to our church and ministries. If you choose this option, your information will be safe and secure, protected by the password or PIN you provide.

If you want to walk in this year's CROP Hunger Walk, we ask you to complete the form that can be found by CLICKING HERE

The "rules" for walking on the FCCEM team this year are different from past years, but not complicated:

  • You may walk by yourself or gather a small team (be sure to be safe if you walk as a group!) and use any route of your choice, whether close to home, down by the river, in a park, out of town... YOUR CHOICE!
  • We've designated four Saturdays - September 19 & 26, and October 3 & 10 - as our "official" CROP Hunger Walk days. We encourage you to engage in your walk(s) on any or all of those dates, but you may choose any date(s) that work for you and your group.
  • We invite you to take selfies, group photos, and/or videos as you walk, then submit some or all of them to the church office for inclusion in the "official" video we'll create and post to our website to document our team's efforts in this year's walk.

It all starts by signing up by CLICKING HERE.