who we are

We hope our website will give you an impression of who we are and what we do; but that's about all it can give, an impression. The same is true about the following introduction to who we are. Tasked with summarizing who YOU are, what would you say? How would you summarize yourself in a way that's both accurate and interesting? A challenge, yes?

The best way to experience who we are is to explore our ministries, listen to some of our sermons, and, most importantly, to join us for worship and/or one of our events to meet the people behind the website presentation. Our doors are always open to you.

That said... New Beginnings Christian Church is a small congregation of Jesus followers who meet to worship, to pray, to learn, to connect with each other, to envision and plan ministries, and to enjoy the blessings promised to all who welcome Jesus as Lord and savior of their lives.

We're welcoming and hopeful. We're grateful both for each other and for those who stop by for a visit. We're not judgmental. We're rarely impatient. And we're eager to meet needs in our community and around the world.

Our size limits our resources, but not our vision: We see ourselves as a small church that does BIG things.

what we believe

This introduction is much the same in basic message as the previous one. The best way to experience what we believe is to explore our ministries, listen to some of our sermons, and, most importantly, join us for worship or one of our events to meet the people behind the beliefs. Our doors are always open to you.

That said... as part of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) New Beginnings stands in a centuries-old tradition of passionate, personal, AND communal spirituality.

  • Without passion, spirituality is more habit than holy
  • Unless it's personal, spirituality is more about fitting in with a group than it is about connecting with the one who is the source of all spiritual things
  • And unless it's communal, spirituality is an isolating hobby, not the life-empowering relationship Jesus intended for us who are his Body

So we believe there is one God: who made us, loves us, wants great things for us, and expects great things from us. And we believe Jesus is God's son, our Lord and savior. Jesus is the "Christ," a religious word that simply means "chosen one." God chose Jesus to show us the way to life abundant and life eternal.

Our claims about God and Jesus do more than give us something to talk or post about; they give us a life to live. We do BIG things at New Beginnings, not because we have good people (though we do), but because we serve a great God and follow the saving Lord. Our beliefs are little more than assertions of conviction without lives that display them. Jesus said we can know people by the fruit their lives bear (Matthew 7.20). James said faith without works is not faith at all (James 2.26). That's what we believe.

how we worship

As you might guess from the content of the previous two sections on this page, we think the best way to learn about how we worship is to join us on a Sunday morning. Web page words can describe, but they can't provide, the experience. So we encourage you to stop by.

Our worship is casual, passionate, hopeful, and connected to our identity as people who place high value on the Lord's Supper.

  • Seated around tables, we sing/listen to contemporary Christian worship songs Rather than to a live band, however, we sing to pre-recorded accompaniment tracks.
  • Bill Coley does not preach from a pulpit. His sermon series address a wide array of subjects - from personal well-being to the mission and future of the church; from making it through complex Bible passages to making it through the week - always from a solidly biblical perspective.
  • At the center of our worship is the table of our Lord, from where each week we receive the bread and cup Jesus told us to take so as to remember him. We welcome ALL persons to share in the communion meal with us because the love of Jesus we remember in that meal is for ALL persons. [NOTE: What started as a COVID-era safety protocol is now our every Sunday practice: For the elements we use disposable and commercially-sealed communion element combo-kits that offer a thin wafer and a small quantity of  grape juice, kits we distribute to all worshipers just prior to our celebration of the Lord's Supper near the end of the service.]
  • And in case it matters, the only thing that passes for a "dress code" in our worship is "come as you are."