How to connect to the fccem conference call system FOR WORSHIP, MEETINGS, AND MORE!

We've been blessed by our subscription to a conference call service by which people are able to join us for worship on Sunday mornings, or to gather for a ministry team- or general board meeting. Connecting to our service is free and simple (though the call may cost you cell phone minutes or, if you're a landline user, long distance charges, since the call is not a local call). Here's what you need to know:


Connecting to our conference call system is a matter of three simple steps:

STEP 1: Call (309) 306-0038 (this number is NOT a local call in the Quad Cities, so use the area code and add a "1" if you use a landline) 

STEP 2: During or after the recorded request for an access code, enter 964600.

STEP 3: During or after the recorded greeting from FCCEM, press the * key on your phone.

That's it! Once you press the * key, you'll be on the call. Some notes about what happens then:

  • If you're the first person to call in for the worship or other gathering in which you intend to participate, you'll hear background music until someone else calls in. Once a second person connects to the call, the music will end and you'll be free to speak with anyone else on the line. 
  • AN IMPORTANT TIP: On conference calls, it's really important that only one person speaks at a time; otherwise, people talk over each other, and no one is understood.


If you can't be with us in person for Sunday worship, we invite you to join us by phone. The process is exactly as outlined above. But here's a couple of additional bits of information:

  • You can call at any time before or during our 10:30 worship. Usually no one joins the call until 10:20 a.m., and perhaps as late as 10:30 a.m.! So if you're the first to call in, be patient! Someone will be with your shortly!
  • Just before worship begins, Bill Coley, our pastor, joins the call to say hello, to ask for any prayer requests that callers would like him to share during our worship's prayer time, and to offer a closing prayer before worship begins.
  • Then Bill mutes every phone line other than his own so that callers hear only Bill's line, and no caller hears or adds any background noise that could disrupt other callers.
  • Bill also initiates the recording of the call, a recording from which we harvest the sermon audio that we post to our website.
  • You don't have to say a word at anytime while you're on one of our Sunday worship calls, but it's a blessing when those who call in announce themselves to each other. It reminds people that they're together even if they're physically separated.