our pastor: Bill Coley

  • Bill Coley began his ministry at FCCEM in July 1985, just a few weeks after his graduation from Lexington Theological Seminary in Kentucky.

    Raised in Iowa and educated at the University of Iowa, Bill is a Midwesterner by birth and by passion. His time in Kentucky blessed him - he looks back on those years with profound fondness and gratitude - but God's leading him to the Quad Cities, he says, was instrumental in his finding the path God had planned for him

    Over the last 36 years, Bill has led local and area clergy groups, served at the forefront of movements to bring people of many denominations together for worship and service, and been a passionate voice on issues of race and racial reconciliation. But there's so much more to his  story.

    His grandfather planted and served the church in which Bill learned the faith. Today Bill idolizes his grandfather and serves FCCEM with a special pride knowing that he has followed in his forebear's gigantic footsteps.

    In addition to a fire for ministry that's deeply ingrained in Bill's spirit, there is his humor. We can't do it justice. You have to experience it. It's creative, improvisational, often silly, and usually on-point and telling. We're confident that you haven't met many pastors with Bill's sharp wit.

    He excels in preaching and teaching. His passion and gift for the creation of funerals as deeply personal celebrations of life is unmatched. His love for FCCEM and the ministry they and he have done over three-plus decades in indescribable.

    He's married to Shari. Among their family living in the Quad Cities they have a married son, five grandchildren, two magnificent nieces, and an in-house, often in-flux, animal collection that includes a dog name Dudley, a rabbit named Bugs, a cat named Quincy, and a bunch of fish whose name tags seem always to slip off as they meander about their aquarium.

    Bill would be blessed by meeting you.