keep up-to-date with our preparations for the cross, the tomb, and the resurrection of jesus

Welcome to the page of our website on which we'll post information about the ways we're preparing our hearts, minds, church, and faith to experience the full impact of Easter Sunday (April 9). In the journey as reported by the Christian calendar, such preparation begins well in advance of the empty tomb. It begins with a day called Ash Wednesday (February 22), which launches a season called Lent. Official names aren't nearly as important as willing hearts. We hope the opportunities presented on this page will contribute to your journey to the cross and beyond.

begin your journey with a simple spiritual exercise

Click on the image beside this paragraph to access/download from our Downloads page a one page spiritual exercise that will take you ten minutes or less to complete. It's a self-contained devotional (there's no need for any additional resources other than communion elements; see below) that's focused on living faithfully as a follower of Jesus.

The theme of our journey to the cross this year is choices: the choices that life... and faith... call us to make. This simple exercise will lead you to pray for God's guidance in the choices you face. 

The exercise ends with a moment of communion (Last/Lord's Supper). You are of course welcome to leave that moment out of your experience, but if you choose to participate, you may use whatever you have available for your bread and cup. In our view, what we use for communion elements doesn't matter; what those elements mean to us does.

And one final note: Though we created this exercise for Ash Wednesday (February 22) as a way to begin the Christian season of Lent, it will work well on ANY DAY, and at ANY TIME on any day.

our choices are... daily reflections on living the life of christ

Crucial to the success of our journey to the cross is daily spiritual exercise. We invite you to join us for a series of daily reflections written by our pastor, Bill Coley, reflections whose mission is to remind us of the importance of the choices we make. Characters throughout Scripture make choices -- sometimes good choices; sometimes bad choices. We can learn from their successes and failures to make better choices in our lives.

Bookmark the page to which a click on the graphic next to this paragraph will take you, then visit the page daily (or on as many days as you can) to review some of the choices common to many of us, and how we can make the most of those choices. 

By God's amazing grace, we don't journey to the cross alone. Take your journey with us beginning February 22.