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Waine Yeater, brother to Tom Yeater and Faith Ballard of our church, as well as to their other siblings Don, Ken, and Steve, has entered into hospice care in the final stages of his battle with COPD and other conditions. The family is very close, so the distance between Waine, who lives in Florida, and the others, who live in the Midwest, is a painful thing. Raise Waine and all the people who love him in your prayers.


Please pray for my mom Lorraine’s salvation and pray for her healing. She lost her hearing, has memory loss, bad posture, body pain, and blood pressure issues. Pray for excellent health. Pray for a long life for Lorraine, in Jesus’ name. Pray for the removal of debt regarding Lorraine, in Jesus’ name. Pray Lorraine’s possessions last a hundred times longer and become newer each day. Also, please pray for salvation and excellent health and long life for my uncle Seve and aunt Jackie.


Please pray for a household whose financial struggles have been made known to our church office. The household worries about possibly losing their home.


Please pray for Stacie Perigo and her family. Her stepdad has passed away.


1 million Uyghurs' concentration camp in China May I request prayer for Uyghurs and Chinese Underground Churches? On August 10 2018 UN has claimed China is detaining 1 million Uyghurs (According to World Uyghur Congress 3.5 million currently) in concentration camps.Current situation is like battle situation,Half of all Uyghur people are detained,armored cars are on the streets of Ürümqi,the operation of totally hunting down Uyghur people by force is ongoing. https://www.google.co.kr/search?biw=1422&bih=731&tbm=isch&sa=1&ei=pWvzW8OOGoKB8wWrrb_YAQ&q=%E6%96%B0%E7%96%86+%E8%A3%85%E7%94%B2%E8%BD%A6&oq=%E6%96%B0%E7%96%86+%E8%A3%85%E7%94%B2%E8%BD%A6&gs_l=img.12...0.0..5010...0.0..0.0.0.......0......gws-wiz-img.kvkk8Qb9Us4#imgdii=ueEYEQ2KR7jqwM:&imgrc=twv6sbkesYlELM: Video clip : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qa9w3wUWWAE Currently in Xinajing 1 million public officials are living 'inside' every house of Uyghurs (surveil 10 by 1 personnel),In the concentration camp compulsory drugs,sterilization injection to every females,(Accidental) death penalty disguising as 'disappearances',rape,endless beating for males are serious problems, Testimonies are this bad : https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/11/28/begged-kill-uighur-woman-describes-torture-us-politicians/ Another I'd like to request prayer, according to China Daily,there are 310 concentration camps (Laogai 劳改) concentration camps like this,current number of prisoner is 5 million (If we count 'secret black jails which we cannot research (will explain below) detainees surely reach at least 7-8 million) 'are suffering unimaginably cruel tortures,compulsory drugs and a lot of portion them are because of their beliefs (Tibetans,Falungong practitioners and Underground Church Members).Mentioning Christianity,I'd like to witness China is eliminating 'all' Christianity and is applying same level torture of Mao-zedong era (Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1zY7N6B1WWE) ,and even these concentration camps are notorious for (1) Government operating 'organ harvesting system (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Organ_harvesting_from_Falun_Gong_practitioners_in_China) (2) Unspeakably gruesome tortures (3) Violence and ostracizing prisoners (4) Extremely overwork labor only permitting sleeping 4 hours. Would you please pray for : 1.Pregnant women and small babies(orphans),elders,disable detainees especially in large numbers in Xinjiang camp 2.May Holy Spirit protect all Christian detainees with every moments 3.For the people receiving the most vicious torture in this moment,to abolish all these labor camps 4.Recent in 'Xinjiang Province' The corona virus has reached,please pray for it doesn't transmits among the inmates.(1.Baiquan(柏泉) 2.Mianhudun(沔湖墩) 3.Hubei Women's camp(湖北女子) in Wuhan also) Please allow me to update 2-3 times to present you the way of becoming 1.Expert more on Chinese re-education camp and 2.Pray like Chinese who are directly involved. Boldly concentrates 3.5 million people means Chinese government doesn't afraid anybody in the world and they are applying same torture of 'Mao ze-dong' era'.Thank you for your prayer,谢谢你的照顾! For More references Secret black jails : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NsN4-A1G5zc , World Uyghur Congress : https://www.uyghurcongress.org/en/ Uyghur Human Right : https://uhrp.org/ Address : 801,1603Dong,LH Samsong Apt.,Wonheung-dong,Deogyang-gu,Goyang-si,Gyeonggi-do,Korea Republic of

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