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We've created this page for you and your requests for prayer. Use this page to provide, as you see fit, information about your prayer concern, then choose what information about yourself you wish to share with others and with our pastor, Bill Coley, who manages our website. All submitted prayer requests are reviewed and approved (to avoid spammers, for example)

  • Submitted prayer requests currently require a name, email address, and phone number, but using the "Public Visibility" and "Church Staff Visibility" drop-down menus on this page, you can choose to "hide" that information from public view.
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  • You can indicate your intention to pray for another person's prayer request by clicking the praying hands icon next to that request. The person who submitted that prayer request will then receive an email notification, if he or she asked to receive them. 
  • Email notifications report ONLY that someone - NO identifying information - has expressed an intention to pray for a particular prayer request.
  • Our general practice will be to leave prayer requests up on this page for one month. We will gladly extend or shorten that time frame as circumstances or requests from request providers merit.


Maurine Unzel is sick following her third round of chemo. The Dr informed her she needs to have a fourth round of chemo. She is also taking chemo medicine twice a day for 3 wks on 1wk off. She is so nauseated and tired sleeps most of the day. Thank you


Please pray for David Murphy II. He just found out he has polyps. Not cancer at the time.


Please pray for Jacob Morse. His parents were in a motorcycle accident and both were airlifted to Iowa City.


Prayer for Sean Hillyer he is having open heart surgery today! Keep him in your prayer as he has to be by himself because of restrictions at the hospitals.


Please pray for Janice and James White and family where as they have had a miscarriage.

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