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We've created this page for you and your requests for prayer. Use this page to provide, as you see fit, information about your prayer concern, then choose what information about yourself you wish to share with others and with our pastor, Bill Coley, who manages our website. All submitted prayer requests are reviewed and approved (to avoid spammers, for example)

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--- THE FOLLOWING PRAYER REQUEST COMES FROM THE FCCEM CHURCH OFFICE. IF YOU CLICK THE PRAYING HANDS ICON AT THE TOP OF THIS REQUEST, JIM LEDBETTER, NOELLE'S HUSBAND, WILL RECEIVE NOTICE OF YOUR SUPPORT. PLEASE NOTE THAT SAID NOTICE WILL REPORT *ONLY* THAT *SOMEONE* HAS INDICATED THEIR INTENTION TO PRAY; IT WILL *NOT* IDENTIFY YOU BY NAME OR OTHER CONTACT INFORMATION. --- We ask you to pray for Noelle Ledbetter, a member of our church who is currently in a local hospital's intensive care unit suffering from issues medical personnel are working to identify. While at the ER on January 19 for other medical needs, Noelle experienced and was revived from cardiac arrest. She currently is in a medically-induced coma, resting reasonably well while breathing with the help of a ventilator. Pray also for the Jim, their daughters Shelby and Ashlie, as well as their family extended. [NOTE 1: WE REALIZE YOU MAY NOT KNOW THE LEDBETTERS, BUT WE INVITE YOU TO JOIN OUR PRAYER TEAM ANYWAY BY CLICKING THE PRAYING HANDS LOGO.] [NOTE 2: PEOPLE ON THE FCCEM EMAIL LIST HAVE RECEIVED AN EMAIL WITH ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ABOUT THIS SITUATION. IF YOU BELIEVE YOU SHOULD HAVE RECEIVED THAT EMAIL BUT DID NOT, PLEASE CONTACT US AT office@fccem.org.]


I am asking for prayer regarding an unspoken request - God knows. Please pray for abundant redeeming grace - grace upon grace. Pray for restoration, God’s justice and mercy, and healing of heart, mind, body and soul. Pray shame, weakness and disgrace be replaced with strength, dignity and honor. Pray strongholds against God be torn down and for God’s authority, kindness, and zeal. Pray for the transformative power of the Holy Spirit and repentance where repentance is needed - for humble, soft, prayerful, worshipful hearts that seek God first. We need so much repentance. We need so much grace. We need to know God is SO GOOD. Pray to pray in the power of the Holy Spirit. Pray for more workers for the harvest, and that Jesus would be king over us and come and heal our land. Pray for the salvation of lost family, friends and loved ones. Pray for discernment, wisdom and understanding for our leaders and their advisors. Pray our leaders would be filled with and led by the Holy Spirit of God. Pray for freedom, deliverance, and restoration. Pray all of God’s blessings and promises would come to pass and to walk in obedience to God, with God, in faith, in hope, in peace, and in love.


Please can you Please Pray FOR ME Please for GOD Peace and FAVOR and Wisdom and understanding and discernment and knowledge To Experience God Help with Meditation in GOD WORDS CONSISTENTLY ALL Deep Hidden Roots Holds to be UPROOTED FROM ALL AREAS and Mind binding Tormenting Blocking Spirits also Thankful for Your PRAYERS AGNES FROM USA


Please pray for my sister in-law, Bobbie Burgund, who lives in Arkansas. She is scheduled for a nine hour surgical procedure on November 9 that, among other outcomes, will remove her voice box in her battle against throat cancer. Additionally, please pray for Bobbie's husband, my brother Paul Burgund, whose heart function has declined, despite the 16 stents doctors have implanted, and whose kidney function is struggling. He's not able to tolerate surgery, so your prayers will mean all the more.


Prayer request for intercessory prayer group- Hi; Please pray for my wife, she is mentally and emotionally ill, for mental and emotional healing. Thank you. Joseph

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