Good friday 2024 at new beginnings

We invite you to join us on Friday, March 29, from wherever you and at whatever time you're available, as we remember Jesus' sacrifice on the cross and affirm our commitments to follow him. Read on for more info.

a prayer vigil . . . from where you are

To participate in our Good Friday (March 29) prayer vigil you need only find fifteen minutes AT ANY TIME DURING THE DAY AND FROM WHEREVER YOU HAPPEN TO BE to pray, meditate, read Scripture, or simply pause to get away from the rush of the day. 

We intend for this to be both a very personal spiritual experience AND, for those interested, also a community spiritual event. If you only have the time or desire to take fifteen minutes on your own on Friday, GREAT! Praise God! But if you have the time and interest, we invite you to call in to our conference call service at 7:00pm on Friday to join a brief communal prayer time. If you call in, you won't have to identify yourself or even say a word! Instructions for connecting to our conference call service may be found HERE.

Download a resource to accompany you on your journey to the cross in the next section on this page.

a resource for your journey

Our pastor Bill Coley has selected a collection of brief sections from his writings (sermons and special worship events) during his first 20 Easter seasons at New Beginnings (1986-2005) as a resource to accompany prayer vigil participants next Friday AS WELL AS anyone else interested in additional inspiration during this final week before Easter Sunday. Use the writings as devotional material, meditative guides, brief reflections to inspire your own reflections, or in any other manner of your choosing.

You can download a PDF version of the guide by clicking the graphic to the left of this paragraph.