Eat. Drink. Enjoy.

[NOTE: Until further notice, we will not serve refreshments on Sunday mornings before or after in-person worship. Conversations will be encouraged! But the refreshments will have to wait for a later start date. When they do resume, this is the mission we intend for them to serve:]

The moments before and after a church's worship are MUCH more important than many people think. In worship, it's not helpful - and generally not appreciated - for people to talk about their weeks or make plans to connect later. But meeting and talking and planning are perfect, in fact celebrated, before and after worship. That's among the reasons we serve coffee and goodies between 10:00-10:25 a.m. The objective is not to satisfy cravings for sweets, though often that's what happens; it's to give people common ground on which to meet and connect. 

So if you're planning a visit to our worship... thank you! ... and plan to arrive a few minutes before worship begins: to receive our warm welcome; to enjoy some refreshments provided by one of our Sunday groups; and to have some moments to meet and get acquainted with some of our people.

We look forward to welcoming you!