AmaZon smile: support fccem every time you make an amazon purchase

Amazon Smile is the online retail giant's way of supporting non-profit organizations such as First Christian Church. Whenever you make a purchase on Amazon.com while signed in to Amazon Smile using the link we're offering below, 0.5% of your purchase cost comes back to FCCEM

AN IMPORANT NOTE: Donating to FCCEM through Amazon Smile adds NOTHING to the cost of your purchase! Amazon simply returns a small percentage of your purchase cost to us. 

Here's how to support our ministries as you shop Amazon:

  1. Log on to smile.amazon.com (you might have to sign in using your Amazon account ID and password). To support FCCEM, you must log into smile.amazon.com rather than the more familiar amazon.com. Doing so changes NOTHING about your Amazon account - not your account number, or password, or order history, or your payment preferences. The ONLY thing logging into smile.amazon.com does is to ensure that 0.5% of your purchase will come back to FCCEM.
  2. If it’s your first time logging into Amazon Smile, click the yellow “Get Started” button, then search for “First Christian Church” to select us as your preferred charity. [IMPORTANT: Because there are many First Christian Churches in the country, be sure to select the one in East Moline, Illinois!] Once you find us, click the “Select” button so that we become your default charity. You won't have to take this step again unless you want to change the charity supported by your Amazon Smile purchases.
  3. As alternatives to those steps, you can click the Amazon Smile graphic below OR simply click the following link:  smile.amazon.com/ch/36-2418542

If you have questions, contact Amazon customer support (or us, for that matter; we're Amazon Smile customers, too!).

Thanks for considering supporting our church through Amazon Smile! If you're ready to shop Amazon using Amazon Smile with your own Amazon account, click the large graphic box below.