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We created this page in June 2021 to report the focus of our current sermon series, audio recordings from which you can find on our Downloads page. You can get there either by clicking THIS LINK or the image next to the description of one of the series. [NOTE: You'll find recordings there from sermons dating back at least to May 2019, but when you click either the link or one of the images, you'll be taken to the front page of the sermon recordings. Use the page index at the bottom of that page to navigate until you find the series you want to listen to.] 

  • living on the edge

    START DATE: August 29, 2021

    PROJECTED LENGTH: 7-10 weeks

    FOCUS: Finding meaning, purpose, and hope in these days of challenge, unrest, and chaos.

    SUMMARY: These are hard times:

    • A global pandemic
    • Change and turmoil in Afghanistan
    • Political division that's produced acidic, destructive unrest

    There is much more, of course, but you get the point: We live in difficult times. Sometimes it feels like we're living on the edge of something bad - on the edge of fear, conflict, isolation, and more. In this series we'll explore some of the "edges" we live on and look for biblical guidance for moving away from them. A timely, necessary series!