A new online forum gives you another way to stay connected

We're excited to tell you about FCCEMConnect! our online forum at which you may read, post, and interact with others about almost anything (within good Christian reason, of course!). We created the forum to provide another means of connection during the ongoing shutdown of our worship and ministries, but may well continue the forum after we reopen. Read on for all the information you need to get started at FCCEMConnect! including four videos to introduce you to the forum's basic operation.


WHAT: FCCEMConnect! the new online forum for friends, supporters, and those curious about First Christian Church of  East Moline.

WHERE: www.fccemconnect.goodforum.net (CLICK HERE to visit the forum)

WHEN: 24x7x365 (that means all the time) 

WHO'S INVITED? The forum targets "people supportive of and curious about" our church, but is really open to anyone will to comply with our reasonable expectations of civility and decorum.

WHAT TO EXPECT: Forum categories that cover nearly every aspect of our church's life and ministry, plus categories for more general interest topics such as current events and tough questions such as "Where is God in this pandemic?" If in good faith you want to say it or ask it, you can say or ask it at FCCEMConnect! and someone will probably respond to you.

WHAT'S REQUIRED? To read posts, nothing. You don't have to sign up, create an account, or make yourself known in any way. But if you want to take part in any of the forum discussions - if you want to create posts of your own - you'll need to create a free user ID and password.

HOW DO I LEARN MORE? Visit the forum and look around, of course. But you can also view the following videos we've created to introduce the forum's simple operation.


Using FCCEMConnect! is easy. You've likely visited and participated in online discussion before, but if you haven't, or want to know more about the specifics of our forums, click to watch each of the following videos.

  • welcome and introduction

  • creating a user id